That day was like any other. It was 6.45pm I was from eating supper, the beel rang and I ran to class I loved studying in the library but this night I opted for class.That day things felt different , I was studying but I comprehending nothing .

7.59pm   “UUUUIIII” Screams all over the place. Although this was normal in our school, today it was different. All the form ones were screaming

WENDY:“Hawa form ones wanaboo. Unaeza pata ni cockroach inascremiwa hivo”

JANET:‘’we wendy nyamaza !! tunasoma”. Someone replied

WENDY:“Enda libo. Nkt BORE!!”

This was a normal in our night preps.

Ruth the class prefect walked out and closed the door using the outside lock.

Suddenly Form 3 westerners and Easterners began rushing out of the classroom murmuring. Anxiety struck us since we were so eager to know what was happening. Luckily someone came and opened the door for us and we bugged out wanting to know the “dondoo ” .

Flames flames, that’s all I could see.


What ran to my head “MEG YOUR GOING HOME”. I had missed home so much that anything that would make me go home was okay. Little did I know ….

GIRL:“aki ni dorm 2 inachomeka”

ME:“kua serious”

GIRL: “yea na sioni ikiokolewa maze”

The next thing I remember is my classmates around me.

“Maggy uko poa??”

“Aki apelekwe hosi. ”

“Let her be carried to hospital”. I had the principals’ voice from my unconscious self.

I woke up, only to find myself in a hospital bed, with several other people in a ward. This was awkward. Then I remembered the fateful night and images of flames. That’s when it hit me, that Elementaita 2 , my dormitory was ashes.

All I had , was the clothes I was wearing. That’s all. Everything was ashes. This feeling was of hurt, pain, loss and anxiety.

Later I walked to school not knowing where to begin. That’s when you try looking for a friend in your image and you do not find any. As I entered the boarding area gate , tears fell down my chicks. I totally had nothing. Even an undergarment to put on was a mystery for me at that moment.

I went to Quinter’s (elder sister) dorm and told her sort me out.

Took a shower had breakfast and headed to class.

For the curious ones, our principal gave us new panties to wear. “I think she bought them for tragedy”.

That day I boarded a bus to Nairobi in slippers. Then to Limuru

The story goes on and on. it was an experience worth having. A lot happened till our dorm was up again


And we went back to school. All cannot be said by words but the experience is kept at heart.

4 thoughts on “FLAMES TO REMEMBER

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  1. U hv realy touched ms heart
    It reminds me of #marandatragedy. Am still affected to death especially wen I hear chairs being pushed.


  2. I dnt really remember the last day i shed tears bt just reading this article i realise i was in tears….tragedies occurs at the unexpected bt we must be greatful to our Father in heaven always….we are all a victim of circumstances at one point or another. Good work baby girl.


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