The beautiful monster, beautiful deception called love is
big, it’s amazing and it’s a feel good. It makes me feel
awesome even when things are pretty much WRONG. It
makes all the fine and rare love hormone Oxytocin starts to
linger…Its just greatLOVE.

Love its not only the silly feelings we
get- the wild butterflies, love is the comfort you get from the
other persons trust and care, and the selfless love of Christ
is the greatest of all time in History. Sex is great, but love
is better. Sex creates a hormonal connection that
disconnects immediately after action, but love creates a
mental, physical and spiritual connection. You don’t need to
be in a relationship to have sex, sex takes care of the
physical satisfaction, but to make love, you need some
form of relationship to make it happen. Love and making
love is deep and genuine.

Love makes you go down with a loser, knowingly, it blinds
your judgement against the other persons crimes and dark
side, you hangout and share your bed with a common thug,
because love happens. When you do not engage your
beautiful brain, Love can carry you over, cause you to lose
money, lose your property, lose morals and finally lose your
sanity. Sex is mostly done at the spur of the moments, to
satisfy lust and desperation of penetration, to just get it
done, once you orgasm, you’ll wait till you’re aroused again,
you’ll wait for a decade to see that guy again, but Love
doesn’t stop, it goes on and on and on. When you want to
make love, you’d prepare some space, your body and your
mind and think of the other person. Sex is just an event and
an act, love is ongoing, and if its not, its all fake. Love and
sex are like wine and keg, respectively, distinctively
different, whatever you taste is.
Making love is still having sex , but when you’re having sex
you’re not really making love. Sex merely relieves you in
singular, the tension of it all, making love on the other side,
involves feelings of two people, involves reciprocation from
the two people, with mere sex, it satisfies one person, sex
is selfish and almost never mutual. Making love is mutual
where you both aim to satisfy the other, you do not give
each other 50:50 ratio of it all , but you give each other
100:100 ratio of everything. Making love makes you one
soul, one body, one mind, mere sex doesn’t. Sex its a hit
and run. Sex is just a release with zero romance involved,
its an emotionless, uncommitted instant gratification.
Making love is ideal for the
the prolongation of the human race, mere sex does it too,
and labels the result as “unwanted babies”
Mere sex happens between strangers, sex is what
prostitutes have, they never make love. since this act looks
to satisfy the “buyer” of her body and service. Newly weds
make love [most] , married people [who truly adore &
respect each other] make love on their matrimonial bed.
The youngsters that meet at the parking lots and at the club
dumpsters in the dark just have sex, quickie sex, hook ups,
that can never be making love its just sex, you just poke
each others privates and whoever cums first, its game over.
Mere sex comes in the packages of hooks ups, friends with
benefits, one night stands, hate sex, ex sex, make up sex,
etc. Making love must involve some intimacy and an
exchange of it [a spiritual exchange]. This is how the nightly
demons makes love to people at night, because they are
trading off something into you. Beware.
Having sex doesn’t take two to tango, it doesn’t even take
two to the finish line, it doesnt take two to the bed of
satisfaction, it Only takes the needy one, the other party in
fact, doesnt really have to agree to it, she only have to
believe in the lies and silly compliments then give in to sex
hoping the ‘event’ will bring forth some feelings, even if a
little. Mere act of sex comes raw with no foreplay, just
shoving himself in and out of you, then leaves as if nothing
has happened.


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