Drama sucks, Drama really really sucks.

Not “dramas” as in movies, this kind of drama: making a big deal over something unnecessarily.”

I personally thought that drama ended the day I left that high school gate but little did I know. People tend to find unnecessary conflict in their relationships .This is truly a shame, because drama increases stress, ruins relationships, and eats away at that one precious commodity none of us can afford to waste: time. At this age and time we ought to keep off drama.


Don’t Believe the Grapevine. “Udaku reloaded”

Drama increases exponentially when an additional person is added to the communication chain. If I hear you say something, I can be pretty sure of what I heard. But If Meg tells me that Bosco told Macha that Collo heard Mdee say something, chances are that the story you are hearing bears little resemblance to the actual truth. Each additional person alters the story to some degree. They may remember things differently or even add in emotion of verbiage that wasn’t there before. “kuongeza chumvi”


If you hear something through the grapevine, it might be worth investigating .Don’t get sucked into this or involve yourself with the drama monster, Skip the grapevine and go straight for the horse’s mouth. It will save time and cut the drama factor way down…


Be Straight Forward

Drama is simply a byproduct of people’s inability to communicate like logical, rational adults. This is why it is so prevalent in highs school. This is also why it should be 100% unacceptable in the adult world._MG_3576

If you have a problem with someone, talk to them about it. If you believe that someone has a problem with you, talk to them about it. Direct conversations nip drama in the bud. This is not to say that direct conversations make all problems go away, but they will help you cut through the nonsense and deal with the real issue.

Let go of issues

When you find yourself the victim of some small offense, your first instinct may be to respond in defense. While this may feel good for a moment, it usually just escalates the situation and makes everything worse.

beauty of intelligence
beauty of intelligence

If you truly want to live drama free, then you need to be willing to let things go. You don’t need to get in the last word, you don’t need to “one up” the other person, and you certainly don’t need to make them pay for wronging you. Just let it go, and watch the drama flow away.


Don’t feed into other people’s drama.

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Build a reputation for not participating in drama. ~Addy Rodriguez. I mean why should you participate in homo sapiens sapiens affair. Keep of what doesn’t involve you. Be an observer, not everything needs a reaction


Be slow to label something as “drama.”

When it comes to people you know you love, always take an extra moment to reconsider, if the “problem” is actually a problem, if it’s worth making a big deal out of it. ~Christian Hauge


Sometimes what we call drama is just someone who really needs us. Instead of expelling mental energy judging the situation as good or bad, focus on being there and being a friend in the moment. Then be a friend to yourself and let the drama go when you walk away

Avoid drama Queens and Kings!!

When you meet someone new and realize they attract drama, minimize or limit interactions. But at times we cannot eliminate the close drama personalities in our lives. You don’t have to cut them off, just acknowledge that quality about them and, when they start acting up, don’t get sucked into their “drama vortex”.

drama queeeen

You may never be able to eliminate all the drama from your life, but with just a little bit of focus and discipline you can certainly minimize how much drama you have in your life.



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  1. I love your style of writing, ive read this article a couple of times and ive realized that youre a factual writer and awesome at telling things as they are, when you want me to do a guest post for you, i am but a text away

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