most of us date for all the wrong reasons. relationships are not for kids and once your in a relationship,you have goals to achieve .dear lady friends, don’t dash into relationships to satisfy your needs, make you  look cool for dating so and so, make your ex jealous e.t.c . think twice . dating for fun is out of context in my avoid heart aches ,pain and heart breaks, here are some things you should avoid:

Rebound shots

we commonly use this in our basketball nomenclature. this is when a ball is shot again ,when it misses the first shot. avoid men who are straight or fresh from relationships. they mostly take you as a comforter or rather this point they are usually weak and would do anything to get you. for some it works but sweery don’t take a risk. your heart is not a toy.

EX story tales.

if your guy keeps referring to her ex, bang your head to the nearest wall and tell him he is free to go back. this shows he is not over his past relationship. make him realize that you are in the picture now and past is past. it should not be a song to your ears lovely. As the saying goes: A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush

Love at first sight

if you still believe this,you are a ***. this only happens in movies and fairy tales. love takes time to blossom and friends makes the best lovers.try to know your potential guy before rushing into dating. learn his character,personality ,motives, plans and see if you may perfectly fit in his world. I may say this again, it may work out for few but remember regrets come after.


Let your yes be a yes and NO be a NO. this myth that men say that the converse is true should end right straight forward .

JOHN:” hey can you be my gal”

MARY:(Sighing)”gimmie time to think about it”.

I don’t believe in that answer. tell the guy no! or yes . am sure by the time that guy was taking you out or even requesting you by text or something,mentally you were prepared for such a thing. be realistic.

and guys please, accept what is brought on your table. this will make life easier for us in this world.

Money talks kinda guys.

this is the guy you must really avoid. unless being a gold digger is your call,then your free to do your endeavors. this guys use you and sweery, regrets come after. . do not be a materialistic independent, support yourself and don’t be a burden to this Men. be that lady who can hold her head high and proud to be independent. it is the preoccupation with possession more than anything else taht prevents us from living freely and nobly

Respect Morons

if a guy doesn’t have any respect for you, girl what are you waiting for? dump the moron Now!! I mean ,how do you stay with a guy who doesn’t respect you? who always wants you to bend you principles? lets all be realistic. A person who loves you understands you and wouldn’t wish to destroy you. have an MOU if necessary because things may not work out as you may think. this is where the I wish I knew story always begins. be firm and no matter what ,do not break your rules.its better to write for yourself and have no public than have a public with no self.

The Liar

trust is an important foundation which should be built in relationships. a person you cannot trust is a worst option for a life partner. the bond can be broken very easily causing a lot of unnecessary pain which would have been avoided.

Momma’s boy

if he cant do anything without moms consent it, simple advice run baby run!!its not a bad thing to love a mother ,in fact we should give them all love and respect. but their is a line between loving son and mamas boy. this is the one whose life revolves around the mum. there will always be a third party interference and he will expect you to always be his baby mama.

ex- tendency

reality is that men have a tendency to care for a woman they once loved. they can stay as friends but be aware that feelings can easily be re-ignited during weak points in your relationship. keep a close look and ensure he doesn’t fall for her again. reality!!!


12 thoughts on “DEAR LADY FRIENDS

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  1. Dayuum… awesome lost for words
    haha mama’s boy got me laughing
    But its true a guy must respect a lady he’s dating
    If not whats the point…
    awesome Read Meg
    I think you’d make a good motivational speaker and also Im still patiently waiting for that guest post


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