Lately I have been deeply studying personalities. So I decide to bomber my audience with some knowledge. It is core for as to know the kind of persons we are or even the people we relate to. sometimes we may wonder why most of our relationships don’t work. Yet the problem is we do not know the kind of person we are associating to. Personality is a very important thing in dating. Friends make the best lovers. Know your partner before you begin to date unless your dating for all the wrong reasons.

So let us begin:

We got four kinds of people.

  • Sanguine
  • Melancholic
  • Phlegmatic
  • Choleric

Melancholic lovers.

Melancholic people are those who suppress aggressive tendency. They are calm, self-confident and deeply attached to family. They are loyal people and very orderly and love following routine. They stick to traditions or religious ethics. A melancholic lover is more pragmatic and down to earth. they choose their partners based on compatibility. So as their partner you ought to adhere to traditions and be loyal to the family and friends. This are the kind of guys who will freely introduce you without worry. these people take dating seriously.

This people choose their partners very cautiously and may seek advice from friends or relatives. Your opinion about who they date really matters to them. they commit once friends approve. People see them as not romantic because of their love for routine. They cannot compromise an event for a date or something.

Melancholic guys: are never late for dates, open doors for women, make concrete plan for what to do, always respect their ladies, very protective and keep good manners.

Melancholic ladies: rarely keep you waiting, don’t bring friends for dates, cook for guys, very decisive, they keep of drama and once they leave a relationship they rarely come back.

Sex for melancholic is a way to relax and not a playful adventure. They have few sexual experiences before marriage since most adhere tradition. They are the least sexual among the four types. They do not do one-night stand kind of thing.

Choleric lovers

This people are fascinated with money and stock and investments. They are mostly independent and dislike to be subordinates. This people approach dating as an essential part of their life. They analyze their hopes and needs as well as their potential partner. They love exchanging ideas and interests.

These people fall in love rarely and have very few relationships in life. They rarely change their mind even if you’re not their type of partner, they would rather stick.

They are classified as the least romantic kind of people. Communication to them is necessary if they need you. They do not text all day and night. They don’t take you out regularly and may Forget important dates. They always tend to be busy making money

Choleric people have a very high sex drive. But they do not sleep around. Once committed to relationships, they see sex as the core of the union. They ask for more and more. They do not share sex details with friends but are comfortable sharing the sex needs to their partner

They are highly independent and follow their own rules.

Phlegmatic lovers

This are the kind of people who have the ability to read between the lines. They could be described as charitable, sympathetic, co-operative. They love to express their feelings and love being heard and stay re assured. They are the kind of people who seek connection and try creating relationships.

Phlegmatic lovers seek for emotional connection with their partners. They always tell you what they feel right from the beginning and try to create a bond that lasts. This are the ones that fall in love very often and deeply suffer from heart breaks. So they always try and avoid conflicts to maintain their partner. They can really make big sacrifices just to keep the relationship moving.

These are classified as the most romantic people. They will buy you gifts, take you for romantic dates, communication is necessary for them and will be proud of you anywhere they are.

For phlegmatic, sex and love go hand in hand. They expect it to build a strong bond between them and their partner.


These people are intensely curious and creative. They are boredom busters and have a lot of energy. They are very adventures and like luxurious lifestyles. Very confident in what they do. They are spenders and love making people happy.

Due to their adventurous nature, they are mostly compatible with their type. They are looking for a playmate, someone who will adventure with them in all fields. They see relationships as something entertaining. Having fun, going out etc.

They are very friendly and do not control their partners. So you may feel at ease and interact with many other people in your relationship without trouble. They are not very protective.

They are highly sensitive to the environment around them and adapt very fast. Most of them tend to be humorous and enjoy when you are happy around them. They have a flexible approach on morality and majorly do what makes them happy.

They have a relaxed attitude about sex. They take it as recreation and they may not require attachments to have sex. They like exploring and having adventure even in bed.

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