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so today i woke up in a boulevard of broken dreams. Sometimes as writers we really do expose ourselves because when the emotions are there, we right about them. We cant hide them and our best works are at those tough moments and emotional kinda things so don’t get twisted, Our weakness build our strengths.
first things first, not making a fuss though:
So results are out and there we go. a sharp F, on your face . I think some people have a hole where the heart is. credit hours 0 credit earned 0, that means I just wrote my name and submitted my paper. did I get 03/70 in my paper? I don’t know .
so broken dreams, my dream to graduate next year is now shattered. period. an added academic year. I cannot do anything now. I think some ‘small god’ is now trying to determine fate.

I serve a God who does not forget, A God who remembers and a God who holds. So I will just sit and continue writing my blog  for another academic year as  St. paulian.
so this is where all the emotion is coming from, and  so the poem

Myriad of broken dreams
that’s where i set foot today
a path where nothing seems better
with an empty spirit full of sorrow

Lost in agony
i feel my heart breaking
words to me are a waste of breath
because i hear not words of the mortals

Walls have crumbled
leaving nothing
b  r  o  a  k  e  n  e  l  e  m  e  n  t  s
shuttered into

pieces of my broken dream
falling like stars from above
waiting to be picked
or waiting fade away

I hear a soft voice
See a sharp light
reaching deep within,
searching for the pieces
telling me not to give up
asking me to let  go

Reality calls my name
fantasy is over
my heart beats again
but will I ?
will I see light
in my
b  r  o  a  k  e n  d  r  e  a  m  s  !


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