Darling, Stop chasing the wind

So we are the same age, we went to high school at the same time with each of us earning zero income, we have just finished college/university at the same time, but you expect me to be driving and living in a house of my own so that you can date me? Since when did I start practicing magic? Did I join a secret cult where they offer me money for free? We are both tarmacking looking for the same job. We are both living from hand to mouth at the moment. We are probably waiting for the HELB man to start asking us to refund him. We are both struggling at the moment.

Yet you say you cannot date me if I do not have a car. You are 23 but you’ve already decided that you cannot date a man who does not drive. You cannot date a man who lives in a bedsitter – you want a man with a three-bedroomed house with ample space and the best furniture – and a garage.

Darling, stop chasing the wind. With such expectations ,you will only get an older guy who has been struggling for the last 5-10 years. They didn’t wake up one day with that wealth, they worked as hard as we all are. You think you will trap him? Nah. He knows your type. He will mess up your life and leave you.

Then you will come back to me after five years of being messed up by such men. You will cry to society that all men are the same; all men are dogs – they just use you sexually and leave you hang to dry.

But darling, you only get what you deserve. You wanted riches, he wanted sex. Your contract is just over so stop crying.

And then you will come back to me after those five years because you remember I had the hots for you back in the day. And you will offer yourself to me. And I will look at you with sad eyes, heavily disappointed at the turn of events.

If only you stood by me as I was struggling on 200 bob  a day!

If you had only agreed to live in my bedsitter and be there when I can finally move to a bigger house!

And before I answer you my phone will ring – it’s my wife. She stuck with me all those years because she knew men are built – and good buildings take time.

And I will leave you there with tears rolling down your not-so-smooth cheeks. And this same scenario will repeat itself as you search for all the men you left while you were younger because they could not provide the same things that men who hadworked for 10 yrs plus could provide.

And finally when you’ve had it all, you will get married to the next person who asks you out regardless of whether you like them or not.

Hopefully, it will work out. Mostly, it does not. You will cry to society for the rest of your days, “There are no

good men out there” And society will look at you and smile sarcastically because everyone knows that your search for instant gratification cost you a good future.

You are 23-25 probably on your first entry-level job, why on earth do you need a man who drives when you

probably still live with your parents?



Rethink your life.


8 thoughts on “Darling, Stop chasing the wind

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  1. #word
    That’s so true meg…most of the time we chase the wind & forget about reality, we live a life of imaginations and dreams that are not valid. ‘ we live the lives of others’ & only wake up when disaster strikes…

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  2. You are an amazing writer. I’m in love with your works already. As a writer too, I appreciate the reform and creativity you bring to your readers. It’s beautiful and I hope you never stop writing. Cheers


  3. that’s an awesome piece and it should be a learning session to our ladies. we love them but they’re not ready to stand with till then that things have behaved. men are build ladies!!!!


  4. Don’t totally agree though. What do you say to someone you stuck with, who decided to leave after all those years for a “nicer” woman? Especially now that conditions are better for you two


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