I will write about the love of my life.
Everybody out there is singing and telling their love stories. Ladies and men are posting about their baes and loved ones. Instagram, Facebook, twitter everybody is writing about their woman Crash, man crash, everyday crash and all that crash.
May be writing about how much I love you may cost me most friendships, relationships but I don’t care because this is exemplary love, true love. Even if it costs me my life, I will say how much I love you.

So as I start praising the love of my life. I want to sing the GOD of all creation. A personal friend, a loved one, the Lord who gives me hope to keep moving.
The creator of heaven and earth;
The one who separated Light from darkness, God of Life;
The Lord who separated Water from Land, God of great Intellect;
The Lord Who Created plants animals and stars, a God of great beauty;
The Almighty Who created all human beings in his Image and likeness, God of Love;


When I call his Name am not joking, when am writing about him, it’s not for my sake or anybody’s sake, rather for the Glory of His Name.

You’re the Lord,
Who does me lots of favor in this life
Gives me life, when I have lost hope;
Provides my needs when I need thee most;
Has done miracles in my life, that nobody could thought could ever happen;
Forgives my sins, when am as dirty as charcoal;
Comes to visit me, when no one does;
Dresses me up, when I have no clothes;
Pays my depts., when the owners need them;
Fights my wars, O God of Victory;
Died on Calvary, just for my sake;

How do I pay, O Lord of my life; I can only worship and praise you My love. All glory and honor belongs to thee O God.

Sometimes you may think your friends love you. But when you need them most, they will be nowhere to find. They will watch at a distance and sigh, watching how you’re suffering. Some will even mock and rejoice at your downfall. But when the Lord Lifts You Up, they will be their singing praises together with you.
My Lord has never forsaken me, He is always their though thick and thin, in good and bad times. That’s why am happy and full of joy for his names sake.
Even if I sleep hungry, I am happy, Because I have a feast in Heaven.
Even If I don’t dress, I will still be happy, because I will wear a gown in heaven.
Even I don’t have luxury, I am still happy, because I have a home in heaven.

Thank you Lord of all Might, for life, love and everything you’ve done in my life.
What hinders me worshiping you O king of Judah?
I love you, and for this love, let me praise you for you have shown me so much love.
And that is the story of my love.

Be blessed.

Inspired by a Luo Praise song.

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