I sat at the back of the class, as I wiped my tears and trying to ensure nobody notices me.

When you walked in, you noticed and you came and sat right beside me.

You tried talking to me but I was resistant to communicate.

You held my hand and said everything will be okay.

You then slide a note in my book “text me when you get home”.


That is how it all started.


I got home and wondered why you did all that.

I didn’t want to text you, but I found myself holding the piece of paper on my hand.

And That night was one of the most amazing ones of my life.

Finally, we had a moment.


I felt a sort of relief and I thought? This might the beginning on something new.

So through the corridors you always smiled at me.

You always complimented me and told me how beautiful I looked.

After long weekend breaks you always told me how much you missed me.


You sat beside me in class and helped me out with most of my assignments.

I knew I could count on you? Yes I believed in you.

You gave me a shoulder to lean on, and had my back whenever I needed you.

With all this you gave me a reason to believe.


During those late-night studies,

you stole a kiss and embraced me with passion.

What more could I ask for?


So do I deserve answers for the sudden change of mood?

Am I entitled to any explanation of the cold treatment?

Why did you leave all over sudden?

Many questions still linger through my mind.


All you say is am acting crazy yet we never even dated?

Why did you let me fall for you then?

Why didn’t you define what we had?

I invested so much emotion and now am broken


I haven’t really gotten over you, now that you treat me like a stranger and enemy,

Your thoughts consume my mind and I can’t feel myself any more.

I Slap myself on the face and Say

Here you again! Use your head miss.



I still think I need answers.


I wish you told me I wish I knew

That you only wanted us to be Friends

I fell in love

I still don’t know why.


Now seated at the back of the class, as I wipe my tears and trying to ensure nobody notices me.



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