I never thought I would ever climb mount Longonot again. I had done it two years back with Campus Ministry (That is a ministry in our Church) and I may say it was a sort of turning point my life. The last time we climbed, I just went through to the top and back down without considering lessons. This time round it was different. I learnt so much that my mind kept pressing me to share it.


Sometimes we close some doors thinking we will never go back to them. Sometimes we get happy of things we have overcome not knowing we might go through them again. Keep lessons you have learnt, they might be helpful if you go through the same problem. And if you go around a problem twice, the experience will be different and you will come out more sharpened.

Well, I was not able to pay the hike on time. My lack got when one of my TAG members (this is an accountability group in church) was not able to attend and I took her position. Sometimes we may not know how things occur: they just happen. It doesn’t matter if doors were already closed. If you were really meant to go somewhere, achieve something, acquire something: TRUST me it will happen.

When we got to Longonot, it was rainy. In my mind, I wasn’t prepared for a rainy hike. I feared for my health since am known asthmatic and was contemplating in my mind if I would really climb with the rain. Well certainly it didn’t rain after all. I can confidently say God will always make the situation bearable. God does not give you a problem you can’t handle. He held the skies for me and so He will do it for you. Whatever you’re going through, it is bearable for you.


Before we climbed the mountain, we warmed up, ate food and were given instructions. All this prepared us for the walk that was ahead. Similarly, God will always prepare us for the walk that is ahead of us.

Our first instruction was that we should do a solo walk.


Walking alone was interesting and challenging as mind got so crowded but also there was so much to observe.  There was a guy who always used the bushy road. People laughed and giggled as they saw him bending inside the bushes.apparently, He got to the top faster than most people. Sometimes you feel like solving an issue differently. go ahead and do it. You do not have to do the cliché way. Believe in yourself. I also tried using the bushes sometimes and it was better. It wasn’t dusty, crowded and slippery. It was the best way to go up. Do You!


Well when I did the solo walk, I got to the top faster. I left many people who we had started with behind. Sometimes to move upwards, we must leave some people behind. Its naturally life. The truth is: the people around you will determine your pace to the top. Let’s be wise on who we keep close.

picture by Atenya

On the other hand, I realized if you hold people’s hands, you will help them to get to the top faster. A good leader should be ready to push and hold people’s hands to get them to the goal. Leading people entails sacrifice of time, resources and requires so much patience. Some people will give you a little bit of trouble but push through.


Everyone you meet in life has a significance. Some will help you climb, some give you a hand when you need, some will give you moral support, some will crack jokes and make your journey interesting, some will challenge you with the speed they are moving in and others  you will not even get to interact, you will just see them .it doesn’t matter all these people have a significance.

Getting to the destination wasn’t easy but it was worth it.


At the top, the view was very beautiful, the air was fresh and we could see trouble (that is the buffalo’s). I wish I could stay at the top but I couldn’t. The truth is after the climb you must always come down. You don’t always stick there. You will come down with many lessons, maybe some bruises and fatigue. Time will heal all these things and all that will remain will be memories.  Life then must move on.

Until the next climb keep the lessons.

Life is like a mountain, hard to climb but once you get to the top the view is beautiful. -Unknown

Mount Longonot was Beautiful.

mt longonot


Meg Nyakeno


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  1. Beautiful lessons..i remember we approached the summit together, you were so positive about it Keep pushing hunnie we that attitude you will definitely get far..God bless you.


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