Life in the Mid-20’s

Why do we always have to start with this!

Apologies ; its been forever since i wrote here; si life can give you lemons and you spend the rest of your life making lemon juice ~~

Anyway being a blogger is not one of the most exciting things to do, but somehow it follows us all through; sharing life is one big step  we choose to do.

So cheers as you enjoy this piece !!

love love

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I was walking out of school (Driving School)  i have to specify because some of you may start saying napenda kusoma .   and boom! i got knocked down by a motor bike. Luckily I didn’t fall down but i really got hurt and bruised. I just stood up and went to the stage and picked up a matatu . As i got in; tears filled my eyes and i couldn’t even look up. the only  wish i had was to get home and have a really humble time to sob and cry loudly.  Through all this i started asking myself series of endless questions which i never had answers for and then i realized how much damaged i was emotionally and now it was getting physical.

At this point in life, nothing seems to work; everything seems impossible, your projects and businesses are no-longer exiting, your temporary job kind of lasted  forever, All your interviews keep bouncing,the workplace is hostile ,you are always broke, bills are like your BFF ,working out no longer makes sense ,hanging out with friends becomes a duty, everyone seems to have their sh#$ together, you can’t help but feel freaked out every time an engagement or baby announcement pops up,  you cant help figure out even the smallest crisis you may have, your relationship is on the rocks, tears are always ready to drop; everything is at a stand still!

So i came across this post


I just couldn’t stop laughing and  making smiles, i was like i sooo relate! From there i took time to involve myself actively in life and i can say~ Mid 20’s is no-longer as bad as i thought it was. here are a few things i did, i hope that someone who feels the same may find this useful.

1. Talk to someone

Find someone who you can freely talk to in the most crazy way. their is always someone who cares (Mom, Dad , Brother ,sister,boyfriend,best-friend,mentor). cry to them, share your fears and worries. this actually helps a lot. a problem that is shared,  is actually half solved . It works

2. Social Media Anxiety is not worth it at all

No-one posts their failures and anxiety. everyone seems to be traveling and having it all out there, do not feel pressured. Just do you! spend little time online and use that time to do more resourceful things. have yourself figured out and stop wishing ~ Live it

3. Do something that makes you happy

The truth is we cannot always have what we want.  But we have choices. life is all choices. if you love blogging~ do it, f want to start a YouTube channel~ go ahead, if you want to start your business~ what are you waiting for, if you want to get married~ haya! go ahead, . Just find what makes you happy and focus your energy their. you will have so much positivism. that is what you need the most.

4. Don’t let your degree define you

Sometimes we can enclose ourselves to a cocoon that is not even meant for us. explore, get to know about yourself and what you want to do and what you love. grab opportunities, fly and enjoy life. never enclose yourself to do something you don’t love. Its not always about the money!? ama

5. Make your circle of friends active

Ensure you meet up with your peers. this is a chance to encourage each other, (at this point you will get to know you are not alone) , have fun, travel, have those sleepovers, party~  Make memories , laugh, have fun,  trust me once you start doing this~ You will be re-energized and more motivated to face them bricks of life.

6. Pray

This is my final but most key element of all . Talk to God, tell him how you feel, ask him to guide you. He will guide and stand by you until all this crisis is over. God will give you a reason to live and a great hope for tomorrow.


The truth is, no one has everything in order~ and life is not all about money, career, marriage or any other thing we freak about!. All this things only bring fulfillment and happiness if we are happy with who we are and who we have become. So lets find happiness with self


For now, its time to figure ourselves out  and what we want with our lives. Don’t worry; we will get there. ~ Meg



Love Love


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  1. I love how you bring out the solutions to challenges facing people who are twedi kîndû. I relate to all but hoping not to be defined by any since I’ll use the five points as my life’s blueprint.


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